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Oz Medical Personal Safety Alarm with LED Light.

Oz Medical Personal Safety Alarm with LED Light.

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  • High Visibility: Available in Multiple Eye-Catching Colors
  • Sound: Loud 130 dB Alarm – Alerts Those Nearby and Deters Threats
  • Ease of Use: Simple Pull Activation for Immediate Response
  • Portability: Compact and Lightweight – Attach to Bags or Keychains


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In Australia, 31% of women and 42% of men have experienced physical violence

ABS Personal Safety, Australia Reference Period 2021-22

Feel Unsafe? Trust Your Instincts.

If you're feeling uneasy, trust your instincts. Simply pull the top to activate the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light, drawing immediate attention to your location. Once you feel secure, replace the top to turn off the alarm

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✔️ Easy to use

No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers. Just pull the alarm to activate. Anyone can use OzMedical Safety Alarm, from young children to grandparents.

🧘 Peace of mind

We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have OzMedical Safety Alarm on your keychain

🔫 Non-Violent

Avoid the physical confrontation required by traditional self-defense tools. The OzMedical Safety Alarm helps you deter potential attackers by creating a loud distraction, helping to attract attention and aid from those nearby.

🦺 Portable Protection

The OzMedical Safety Alarm’s compact and compliant design means you can carry it anywhere, unlike pepper spray and tasers. Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, take the OzMedical Safety Alarm with you for peace of mind.

Life-Saver in My Pocket!

The OzMedical Safety Alarm has given me the confidence to go on my evening walks alone. It's incredibly loud and easy to activate. I feel so much safer knowing I have this on my keychain. It's discreet but powerful!

— Jenny Tran

Featured Reviews

Great for Night Shift Workers

Working night shifts in the city can be unsettling, but carrying the OzMedical Safety Alarm has made a huge difference. The loud alarm is reassuring and I know it can help me get out of a risky situation quickly. Highly recommend!

Reliable and Effective

I never leave the house without the OzMedical Safety Alarm. It's small enough to not be a bother, but loud enough to make you feel secure. It’s an essential tool for anyone who wants an extra layer of safety.

Excellent Product for Everyday Safety

I love how easy it is to use the OzMedical Safety Alarm. It’s a straightforward safety tool that doesn’t require any training. The alarm sound is incredibly loud and can be heard from far away, which is exactly what you need in an emergency.