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Year of the RAT: Positive results for rapid test entrepreneurs

The Age - January 1, 2022

"...Customers include hospitals, health practitioners and pharmacies, while she was inundated with demand from those wanting to travel interstate or visit elderly relatives over the Christmas period. The test kits retail for about $15 each or $60 for a pack of five.

“We’ve been totally overwhelmed. Some of our staff worked through Christmas and Boxing Day to make sure we kept on top of things,” Ms Tsamis said."


Tsamis family’s all-Aussie hand-sanitisers taken up across the nation

NEOS KOSMOS - 16 July 2020


Business has certainly grown for Martha Tsamis since April when Neos Kosmos reported on how the nightclub owner faced with the closure of her Melbourne night clubs found a way for her family and close friends to survive by supplying masks and hygiene packs to counter the shortages of those products when COVID-19 first made its presence felt in our lives.

Since then Martha has remained on the same track but has diversified to partnering with a company, rolling out hand-sanitiser stations that have been taken up nationwide by leading retailers such as Woolworths, Dan Murphys, Big W, Bendigo Bank and Ikea. Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan was at the unveiling of the product in his state.


Melbourne nightclub turns to supplying hand sanitiser, protective gear and business is booming

SBS News - 6 April 2020

Melbourne nightclub owner Martha Tsamis was quick to heed the advice, repurposing her business from running two venues in the Victoria capital to providing a sourcing and delivery service for high-demand protective equipment and hygiene products, like gloves and hand sanitisers.

The move allowed her to retain her staff, including six managers, with the team operating the service from a warehouse site.

“We thought we’ll make a financial commitment to keep our staff and rebranding ourselves down a different path," Ms Tsamis told


Greek Australian Mask Producers Rush To Meet Demand

NEOS KOSMOS - 22 July 2020


For Tsamis, the creation of masks came after she saw disposable masks disguarded in the middle of Chapel Street. It was then that she realised that disposing used masks harms the environment and could risk spreading the infection they’re designed to protect. Solution? She made reusable masks, too fancy to throw out.

“Change your mask everyday and have a mask drawer like you do with your undies and socks,” Ms Tsamis suggested.


My Life in Lockdown: Q&A with Martha Tsamis

NEOS KOSMOS - 24 October 2020 

Inflation and Chasers nightclub owner-turned-mask and hand sanitiser supplier Martha Tsamis has always been a gutsy busy woman. From providing masks to standing for local council elections, and from taking on the state of Victoria (and winning) when police brutality was displayed in her nightclub to taking on COVID-19, we caught up with her to see what she has been up to during lockdown.


Covid-19 flip from running night clubs to delivering much needed medical gear

NEOS KOSMOS 3 April 2020 

Two weeks ago Martha Tsamis and her staff were busy running a number of nightclubs in Melbourne. Then Covid-19 and social distancing hit the scene and the hospitality industry became a hospital case.

The clubs closed and all that MsTsamis and her staff could do was focus on looking after  their immediate family and make sure that they had all the right equipment and practices to keep safe from the dreaded virus

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