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Face masks

AMD P2 Level 3 Face Masks - White 4 x Ply (10 Masks)

AMD P2 Level 3 Face Masks - White 4 x Ply (10 Masks)

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AMD P2 Level 3

P2 certified face masks Nano-tech mask, 4-layer (T4) ear loop.

Contains 10 individually packaged masks.


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P2 AS/NZS-1716:2012

TGA registered: 335982


  • More breathable than almost any other P2 face mask
  • First P2 certified face masks manufactured in Australia
  • Trusted by medical professionals world-wide
  • Nano-filter filters out 99.66% of airborne particles, such as viruses, as tested by VICLAB (BSI) 17.7.20 (compared to approximately 60% for many imported masks)
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ‚Č•99.92% AS 4381 Level 3
  • 4 protective layers to protect you from airborne viruses
  • Cutting-edge nanotechnology, to make them light and breathable


Nano-tech P2 features advanced filtering and design details that allow them to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time while maintaining their class-leading functionality over standard melt blown filters.

Cutting-edge nanofibre filters are incorporated into a face-contouring design that create an effective barrier against potentially harmful airborne particles and aerosols such as dust, virus, and bacteria. Nanofibre technology ensures excellent breathability and lightness with the assurance of four protective layers.

Technology: Nano-filters, comprised of nano-fibres, deliver higher filtration efficiency than standard melt blown filters and are lighter and more breathable. They also maintain their functionality after exposure to moisture while typical filters lose their electrostatic properties once exposed to water. AMD’s nano-filters are water resistant and protective against airborne particles, aerosols, and liquid.

Fit: Innovative three panel design fits naturally around the nose and mouth creating a better seal. Elastic ear loops hold the face mask securely in place. A soft inner layer and a padded nose bridge wire provide extra comfort.

Comfort: Nano-filter face mask is lighter than standard face masks and allows enhanced breathability which allows them to be worn for hours. The three-panel design unfolds to shape naturally around the face maximising ventilation while still maintaining an effective seal. Nano-filter face masks are potentially viable options for individuals with breathing difficulties.

Packaging: Each nano-filter

face mask is individually packaged to maintain sterility and designed to fold flat to facilitate portability and storage. Individual wrapping makes it convenient to carry and distribute without contamination.

Pack dimensions: 220mm x 250mm

Pack weight: 90g 

Packaging dimensions: 240mm x 340mm

Packaging weight: 20g (excluding contents)


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For bulk orders over 500 masks please contact OZ MEDICAL 0431 000 991

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