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Novelty Footy Face Masks

Novelty Footy Face Masks

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Australian Made Polyester specialty masks with antiviral treatment.
Creating Australian Jobs - Melbourne made!

Australian Made Polyester  specialty masks with antiviral treatment. that has been ISO approved called HEALTHGUARD AMIC.

They are washable and the HealthGuard AMIC treatment lasts for 30 washes before the mask needs to be replaced.
Please note: Two sizes - Large and Small, Plus Youth & Small Kids Sizes 

Customised masks with logo's are available.  Logo's need to be supplied via JPEG.

To arrange any customised masks - please contact Jodie on 0414 338 009.


Please Note these are Football colours only and NOT official Not merchandise.


**Please purchase carefully..
We do not accept exchanges or refunds on any products unless they are faulty.

For more information Contact Us.

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