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Hand Sanitiser Station with Hand Dryer on Special $1400

Hand Sanitiser Station with Hand Dryer on Special $1400

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A completely touchless, fully automated freestanding unit which significantly

reduces the risk of virus transmission.

No plumbing, no taps. It’s practical and fast.

Present a professional image for your business 

Environmentally ethical


Alcohol sanitisers are currently the largest contributor of plastic bottle contamination. Our intention for this machine is for it to produce ZERO WASTE!

We have made sure that the product’s consumables are recyclable or refillable so that we can eliminate its impact on the environment as much as possible.
The 10 litre bottle that houses the 
sanitising solution is refillable, meaning just 1 container for life of the product - no need to purchase a new container when the solution runs out, heavily eliminating the need to dispose of bladders and bottles.

Very cost effective
Standard alcohol-based sanitising bottles are very expensive when buying in small bottles and needing to service masses of people eg. customers and staff at your school, hospital or workplace. Buying in bulk makes sense and this is the most cost effective way.
  • Equipped with 3 infrared patented smart tech sensors to detect hands from any angle Equipped with 2 spray nozzles for maximum injection volume
  • Equipped with a soft BLUE LED Light - for easy night visibility
  • Equipped with low noise micro fan motor
  • Easy to move and install - via carry/grab side handles
  • Adjustable drying time and injection volume - Accurately provides solution amount
  • Refill alert function light
  • Approx 3 -4 months long life before refill - based on 50 people using 3 times per day, approx. 15,000 - 18,000 uses per 10L 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defeats
  • Basically maintenance free
  • Rental Prices

    12 months = $150/month + GST

    12 to 24 months = $130/month + GST

    24 months to 5 years = $100/month + GST

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