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Molicare Premium Mens Pull-Ups 7 Drops 168600

Molicare Premium Mens Pull-Ups 7 Drops 168600

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MoliCare Premium MEN PANTS look and feel like regular underwear and are ideal for light to moderate levels of bladder weakness. Providing extra protection in the front where men need it most. The pants also have a 3-layer absorbent core that pulls fluid away from the surface, so the skin stays dry, healthy and free from odours. MoliCare Premium MEN PANTS have unique curly fibre technology that helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH level and is important in reducing infection and skin irritation caused by incontinence.


Product Features

 Optimal skin compatibility at pH 5.5 to help prevent skin irritations caused by incontinence
 Protection where men need it most due to anatomic design
 Looks and feels like regular underwear
 Dermatologically tested. The absorbent core neutralises odour and holds liquids quickly for a dry feeling

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